• URL Profiler Tutorial + Exclusive 10% Discount

  • If you read my recent case study that looked into how I analyse the content that I write, you will have probably heard of the URL Profiler tool. To accompany the case study, I’ve recorded a full video tutorial on how to use the tool, including how to configure all […]

  • Everything That’s Terrible About My Content – A Case Study

  • Over the past year I’ve written tons of pieces of content that help to grow traffic to my blogs, grow my social following and drive direct business enquiries. Having the opportunity to regularly write for a lot of the top digital marketing blogs like Moz, Search Engine Land and Search […]

  • WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates & Premium SEO Pack Tutorial

  • This month I’ve been playing around with two new WordPress plugins from the AA-Team. The first is an Amazon Affiliates plugin for WooCommerce and the second is an SEO plugin that has recently been updated with a ton of new features (I originally wrote a tutorial around using this plugin […]

  • Are Your Facebook Likes An Asset or a Liability?

  • Facebook likes are always an asset… right? Well, think again. Most business owners never even consider that the quality of their likes might be hurting their business. Plenty of social media gurus watch their followers increase by dozens, and then hundreds, or even thousands, and they think: wow, look at […]

  • What You Should be Doing to Grow Your Blog’s Social Presence

  • Building a social presence for your blog can be a lot tougher than you think. Most businesses have the issue that they don’t have enough content; whereas most blogs have content in abundance – surely this will make it easier? Not necessarily. The most common error that I see bloggers […]

  • 11 Productivity Hacks for Your Content Creation

  • I’ve been hearing a lot of questions surrounding content creation recently. We all know the importance of good content so I’m not going to begin a preaching session around it, but what a lot of people will soon start to realise is that good content takes time. Rome wasn’t built […]

  • Crafting the Perfect Email Pitch

  • Getting your content in front of journalists and influencers is tough. Not only does it have to appeal to your target audience, be of a certain calibre and be ready at the right time, but it’s also got to be picked up by the right person. I’ve spent endless hours pitching to […]

  • Targeting Facebook Ads at Website Visitors and Mailing Lists

  • Growing your Facebook followers isn’t always easy. There’s tons of posts out there on how you can increase your Facebook likes, and there’s also a load of services which allow you to buy Facebook likes. My advice – avoid buying likes at all costs. When you really think about it, what’s the point? The whole idea […]

  • MyBlogGuest: Another One Bites the Dust

  • Update (24th March 2014): There has been a number of webmasters who have been in touch with me to say that they have had manual penalties placed on their accounts as a result of being a publisher on MyBlogGuest. I have been in touch with Ann Smarty and she said that […]

  • How to Find All of Your Targets’ Email Addresses

  • Most of you probably understand that a key part of SEO revolves around building good quality links to your website. Now, the majority of link building methods involve outreach at one point or another. One of the stumbling blocks that many people find is actually gathering contact information to be […]

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