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  • Everything That’s Terrible About My Content – A Case Study

  • Over the past year I’ve written tons of pieces of content that help to grow traffic to my blogs, grow my social following and drive direct business enquiries. Having the opportunity to regularly write for a lot of the top digital marketing blogs like Moz, Search Engine Land and Search […]

  • 11 Productivity Hacks for Your Content Creation

  • I’ve been hearing a lot of questions surrounding content creation recently. We all know the importance of good content so I’m not going to begin a preaching session around it, but what a lot of people will soon start to realise is that good content takes time. Rome wasn’t built […]

  • Crafting the Perfect Email Pitch

  • Getting your content in front of journalists and influencers is tough. Not only does it have to appeal to your target audience, be of a certain calibre and be ready at the right time, but it’s also got to be picked up by the right person. I’ve spent endless hours pitching to […]

  • 11 Tips for Profitable Membership Websites

  • Membership websites are often touted for being tremendous sources of recurring income. In my own experience over the past few years I’ve found it to be true that membership sites offer huge potential, but the down side is that it’s not as easy as you might think to run a […]

  • Identifying and Building Relationships with Industry Influencers

  • I talk a lot about building relationships with industry influencers in order to increase the reach of your content (amongst many other things). Within my latest article on Moz, I mentioned building relationships with authors in order to cash in on high quality links to your website. Since the article, […]

  • Strategic Content Creation for Link Building

  • Everyone talks about how creating great content will get you links. This sounds obvious in principle, but in reality, this just isn’t how it works. I’ve stumbled upon loads of fantastic pieces of content online that have come from sites that have next to no links or social signals pointing to […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Blog

  • If you’re a blog owner, it’s likely that you’ll be looking to make some money from your website at one time or another. Monetizing your blog can be a big decision to make and, if done poorly, can cause you to lose readers and cheapen your blog. Having ran a […]

  • Lessons Learnt from Becoming a Travel Blog Owner

  • Around nine months ago I made the decision to set up my own personal travel blog. I’d ran a few different online marketing related blogs in the past and decided that I would be able to transfer my knowledge and experience of this over to my new blog. Having a […]

  • Building an Online Community Within Your Blog

  • When setting up a new blog, it’s really important to have a clear strategy on how you will build an engaging community. Many people say that ‘content is key’, but in my opinion, ‘Community is key’. Having said this, to build a community you need good content! I’ve been working […]

  • Top 10 Problems With Affiliate Marketing

  • The growth in affiliate marketing has become a popular choice by many who view it as an easy option to generate revenue. However, affiliate marketing isn’t as straightforward as many people perceive, and many newbies fall by the wayside as they struggle to get off the ground. Here are the […]

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