How To Create Engagement On Facebook Using Chat Apps


July 11, 2013

If you want to know how to create engagement on Facebook using chat apps, here’s is some helpful advice that we think you might like. To help you get started, we highly recommend using Facebook apps such as Chat, ChatNow, LiveChat, Chit Chat, mChat, TK Video chat and Bee jive IM. Many of these apps are free to use and you can download them to a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet PC.

However, some of the Facebook apps cost $.99 or more and you will need a major credit card to complete the online transaction.

Facebook Apps That Enables You to Create Fan Engagement

Generally, if you want to use a Facebook chat app, you will need to login to your Facebook account and authorize the chat room app to access your basic Facebook information. After you click on the chat room app link, a pop up box that says, “Request for Permission” will appear on your screen. When you click on the “Allow” button the chat room app will appear and then you can enter the chat room by clicking on the appropriate link. The chat room homepage will further instruct you on how to use their services.

We also suggest using free video chat rooms when you want to create engagement with your Facebook fans. ZinzzChat is an excellent live chat room service that allows you to conduct video conferencing with your fans. First, you will need to create a chat room. Then you can invite your fans to the chat room by providing the link for them on your Facebook page wall.

You can use any of the above-mentioned Facebook apps to help you spread the word about your business, products and services. For instance, if you are running a small business, you could provide real-time support for your customers when they need answers about your business fast. And, whenever you are offline and unable to respond your customer’s inquiries right away, they will be able to leave their name, email address and a message for you.

Another good thing about using Facebook video chat room apps is they enable you to stay productive. You can use them to help improve your business communications. You still will be able to have a virtual meeting with them while you are at work, home and traveling.

Other Interesting Ways You Can Create Engagement n Facebook

You can also use other types of Facebook apps to improve your engagement with your customers and colleagues. You could use a coupon app to offer discounts that they can print out and use at your business. This is a good way to get more customers interested in your business.

They can also print out your coupons and give them to their friends. We also recommend using file sharing apps that enables you to share files and photographs with anyone that you choose. Forum apps and contact forms apps can also help you create engagement on Facebook and communicate better and with your fans.

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