How Would You Like to Get Paid to Blog?


June 23, 2013

Want to get paid to blog but do not know how to do so? Just read on and you will find all the information that you want to help you earn a comfortable living, just by blogging.


Many people now want to get paid to blog

How to get paid to blog is a big question with all the millions of bloggers who have set up blogs and millions more who are in the process of setting up blogs, with each passing day (and night!).

Ok first, if you are new to this, then you need to understand that a blog is nothing more than a weblog. Blogs started out to be online diaries where people would share all kinds of information, even personal information. Then over a period of time, all kinds of blogs were born such as: technology blogs, finance blogs, make money online blogs, etc. Fact is, you would be able to find blogs on just about any topic under the sun.

The good news is that many bloggers are now getting get paid to blog

Isn’t it a good thing that if you were passionate about a subject and you wrote about it and you got paid to do it? This is what is now happening in the world of blogging. More and more people are now paid for blogging and those people who are not yet getting paid, are looking for the answer to, how to start a blog and get paid.

The good news is that there are many ways in which you can get paid to blog, take a look at some of these methods…

  • Make money blogging with affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is where you join a company and sell their products or services. You take banners of products or services and put them up on your blog. When somebody clicks the banner and goes to the website and buys from you, you get commissions on the sales that you make. Sometimes the commission can be pretty hefty. For example, there are some people who love buying very expensive cameras and there are some cameras that cost around $10,000. Even if you sold one such camera your commission on this would be as much as around $400 – not bad for a single sale. The truth is that there is really a fortune to be made in affiliate marketing.
  • Get paid by blogging about your own products: You might be manufacturing something, you can set up your blog and display your products on it and write about them. In this way you would be blogging and making money from your own products. Or, you can create your own digital products and sell them on your blog and in this way you get paid for writing blogs.
  • Getting paid for blogging with Google Adsense: This is a program by Google and it can be a major source of income from your blogging ventures. All you have to do is get approved by Google for this program and set up these ads on your blog. When people click on these ads on your blog, you get paid for every click that is made.
  • Writing blog posts for other people: There are many people who have blogs but they are unable to write on these blogs due to various reasons like: they do not have the time, they lack the interest, they do not have the patience, they do not know to write. As such, they hire other people to write for their blogs. This is another solution for you to your query, how to get paid as a blogger. You can earn a lot of money by writing content for people who have blogs.

There are many other ways in which you can make money by blogging, but the above are a few leading techniques used to get paid to blog.

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