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Here are all of our WordPress plugin posts. These posts talk about the latest plugins that you can use for your website, both free and premium.

  • WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates & Premium SEO Pack Tutorial

  • This month I’ve been playing around with two new WordPress plugins from the AA-Team. The first is an Amazon Affiliates plugin for WooCommerce and the second is an SEO plugin that has recently been updated with a ton of new features (I originally wrote a tutorial around using this plugin […]

  • Premium SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin Review

  • Over the past month or so I’ve been testing a new SEO plugin for WordPress. This particular plugin is probably one of the only genuine contenders for competing with Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. The Premium SEO Pack (Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link) has a number of pretty cool features that I’ve been really […]

  • 21 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

  • WordPress has forever changed the way bloggers and businesses interact with visitors. And it is all thanks to a plethora of plugins that make SEO easy. Some of them allow bloggers to update their images for SEO automatically while others enable them to share their content through social media websites. […]

  • The Stolen Scream – Protecting Your Images Online

  • Noam Galai, a photographer living in NYC gives his shocking account of what can happen when you publish an image online. A self-portrait he took in 2006, was reproduced in books, magazines, on walls, posters and t-shirts in countries around the world. He received a royalty on just one occasion […]

  • Top Five SEO Plugins for WordPress

  • There are an absolute plethora of WordPress plugins out there which will be hugely beneficial to your SEO efforts. In this post, I’ll be taking a look at these plugins, and will list 5 of the very best SEO plugins for WordPress, looking at their features and what they can […]

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